Aboriginal Culture, Flamboyance Tours & A Taste of South Australia


1 Day



With Adelaide being the festival capital of Australia, it has always enjoyed a rich cultural history. There is still plenty of historic and cultural sites to visit when there isn’t a major festival on, here is a guide on how to enjoy a day of culture in Adelaide.

SATC Trade Web Itineraries Maps 100920 Thecoolestboutiquecapital
SATC Trade Web Itineraries Maps 100920 Thecoolestboutiquecapital

Day 1


Start the day off with a Welcome to Adelaide tour from Flamboyance Tours. The tour begins at one of Adelaide’s best-known meeting places – the Malls Balls. Your guide will give you an insight into the city and how it was planned along with major events that have shaped the city to what it is today. With stops at Parliament House, Town Hall and the Central Market, this tour will be a great start on learning about the history and cultural side of Adelaide.

After learning more about Adelaide it is time to learn about the Kaurna people who are the traditional owners of the land in Adelaide and the surrounding area. Join a tour with Southern Cultural Immersion and walk through the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and discover many different plants and their uses along with stories that have been passed down through generations.

Next we head to the West End of the City to enjoy the West End Art & Culture tour from A Taste of South Australia. Highlights include the Samstag Museum, Jam Factory and boutique laneway bars. Your guide will also introduce you to some artworks that are tucked away from the main street and interesting boutique galleries that can often be overlooked.

Once your day of touring is complete make the most of your day out and about in the city with dinner or drinks at one of Adelaide’s renowned restaurants or bars.