Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures

Kangaroo Island

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Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures are the dolphin swim specialists in South Australia & Kangaroo Island and have been offering visitors a unique marine wildlife experiences for more than 19 years .

Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures have gained the trust of the wild dolphin pods by simply reading the signs displayed by our dolphins . Pay attention to them and the results speak for themselves. This is a marine experience not to be missed and fun for the whole family no matter what age.
You may also see nesting sights of the rare and endangered white-bellied sea eagle, peregrine falcons and the mighty wedge tailed eagle.

Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures are often referred to as the best wild dolphin swim experience in Australia or anywhere for that matter, recently voted by Trip Advisor this is a true wild dolphin swim experience and the only operator on Kangaroo Island to offer this unique experience

Their boat operates in the shallow protected bays of the north coast where at times they encounter large pods of dolphins.

All equipment is provided & morning tea provided on the Explorer tour.